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About T.Pumpy

T.Pumpy Concept is a progressive property developer that prides itself on its proven track records, passion and commitment to deliver superior value in design, quality and services in our developments to our customers.
T. Pumpy Concept is a registered company that deals majorly in the sales of lands and estate plots. The company has been in existence since 2009, and it’s totally committed to making its utmost contribution in the development process of our environment in the aforementioned area, for the betterment of all Nigerians.
We aim to be a globally recognized, preferred and respectable property developer in Nigeria.
Our expertise in building to the highest-quality standards is evident throughout our complete line of Estates.
Our Estates are constructed in a factory environment and our building materials are never exposed to the elements and every aspect of the building process is closely monitored to ensure high quality standards. The T-Pumpy Concept team has decades of providing industry-acclaimed off-site home design and construction. Whether you’re interested in a manufactured home or an innovative modular design, the T-Pumpy Concept team continues to deliver what home buyers are looking for in their new homes along with the quality construction they expect and deserve.


Message From The CEO

On behalf of the board and management, I am delighted by the fact that you have taken interest in our organization and are considering working with/for us to create impact in the housing industry.
We are T.Pumpy Concept, a progressive property development company, headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, dedicated to impacting the housing ecosystem in Nigeria by catering to individual needs of every existing and potential landlord, offering affordability, optimized care, speed, ease, and technical know-how to you, our beloved stakeholder, and in the processes, see through our corporate objectives.
At T.Pumpy, our guiding values has surrounded Dedication to Client Satisfaction, Transparency and Honesty, and this translates into our practices and the way we go about our activities. Every asset, touchpoint, or human representing T.Pumpy oozes these principles, and will engage you with them, as we have found that in our line of business, the best excellence comes from imbibing in them.
This website gives you a flavour of our excellence-driven principles. In it you will find out who we are – our story, our culture, our sort of people – what exactly we do, and what we have done in the past, and can do for you. I hope you find the information provided useful and impactful. If you have specific needs or would like a more tailored or more detailed insight into what we offer to meet any specific need of yours, do not hesitate to get in touch.
We look forward to engaging with you.
Best wishes.

Akintayo Adaralegbe


Why Choose T.PUMPY

We provide full service at every step.

Flexible Payment Plans

We have payment plans on all our offers in Abuja and Ekiti.We understand the importance of financial planning and can work with you to customize a plan.

Premium Infrastructure

Our estates boast of unique infrastructural plans that consist of intelligent road maps, drainage, power and perimeter fencing.

Personalized Prototypes

All our prototypes can be designed to suit your needs. Ask to speak to any of our engineers so you can make the right choice.


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Core Services

Our Mission:

Through the provision of affordable, quality housing for all, T-Pumpy Concept aimed at improving the welfare of Nigerians. To drive the real estate market in Nigeria, employing the best brains and state-of-the-art technology.

Our Vision:

T-Pumpy Concept Corporate vision is to be the most sought for and estate developer in Nigeria. To be the leading real estate development company that will provide the highest number of decent, accessible, comfortable and affordable houses while achieving global housing standard.

Our Core Value?

Dedicated to client satisfaction



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We collect reviews from our customers.